Nuisance Coyotes

The DEC has received a report of coyote sightings within the Oakwood Hills development area and provided the following information to a Town resident:

Coyotes exist in all areas of New York, and are more recently beginning to show up in urban and suburban areas where they were not traditionally found. They have learned to take advantage of abundant resources in these areas that are linked to human presence, such as small prey items attracted to bird feeders, garbage, compost etc. Although coyotes are important ecologically as they control a wide variety of prey species in the wild, many concerns are raised when coyotes become frequent visitors in neighborhoods with small pets and children present. To prevent potential encounters with coyotes and future attraction, DEC recommends taking the following actions:

  • Make your yard less attractive to coyotes:
    • Remove bird feeders and clean up any spilled seed.
    • If you compost, utilize a sealed bin to do so.
    • Secure garbage in sealed bin and/or keep it in the garage or secure area.
    • Do not feed pets outdoors.
    • Clean up dropped fruit under fruit trees.
    • Clean outdoor grill drip trays after every use.
    • Reduce areas that can potentially be used for cover by cleaning up brush piles and keeping your yard/bushes neatly trimmed.
    • Erect a fence at least 6’ high, buried 6”-15” underground.
    • Do not leave pets and children unsupervised.
    • Install motion lights or leave a radio on outside at night.
  • If you see a coyote, utilize the following hazing techniques to negatively condition the animal and instill a healthy fear of humans:
    • Make yourself look larger by raising and waving your arms.
    • Shout at the animal.
    • Make loud noises using pots and pans and/or noisemakers like screamers, bangers and firecrackers.
    • Rubber buckshot can be used in areas where local firearm discharge ordinances allow.
    • Throw rocks/sticks in the direction of the animal.
    • If the animal does not respond to these measures, face the animal and back away slowly. Immediately report the incident to your local DEC Wildlife Office at (585) 226-5380.

DEC may issue permits to lethally remove coyotes if these measures are not successful.

Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs) can help landowners to remove attractants, deter coyotes from the property, and lethally remove them, likely for a fee. A list of available NWCOs is available at: Additionally, the USDA-APHIS Wildlife Service can provide useful information and assistance regarding the mitigation of nuisance wildlife issues, and can be reached at (518) 268-2290 or 1-866-4USDAWS.

                For more information about coyotes and tips to avoid conflict, go to and If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Bureau of Wildlife at (585) 226-5380. I appreciate your time and consideration!